Founder of Yoga Speaks Volume-LA.  The voice is the whole body, My motto is "Self-Care is the Best-Care." Finding the right balance in life is key to SELFCARE  I invite you to let me be your guide to a custom new fit. 

Meditation by the Sea


Due to Pandemic, all events are online. Special offer available, please inquire. Practitioner/YT300, CGYT, CLYL, CST

You can only experience yourself; you are the only doorway through which you can experience everything- Dorothy Pincus

Yoga Speaks Volume-LA holistic approach globally promotes self-care to families, friends, communities, and corporations through Movement, Sound, and Mindfulness Meditation.

*15 Minutes Self-Reflect Consultation

*Vocal Coach

*Motivational Expert Entertainer

*Yoga: Flow, Grief, Laughter and Basic Tai Chi

*Holistic Weekend Workshop Intensives

*Meditation, Mindfulness, Shavasana

*Private 1 on 1 Life Coach Session Available



DISCLAIMER: I assume responsibility for any risk or injury I may sustain as a result of my participation. It is my personal responsibility to consult my doctor regarding my participation. I do not, and will not, hold Dorothy Pincus responsible for my physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing. I am advised to work gently, respecting my body’s abilities and limits, and not to perform any movement that is painful. I am agreeing to accept responsibility for my own safety and am waiving my right to bring legal action to assert a claim against Dorothy Pincus for any reason.

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Dorothy is so warm and open and creates such a warm environment. I had so much fun and everybody released so much energy through their laughter and I just felt such closure. It’s a lot of fun and it’s totally different then any type of yoga I’ve ever done before.

Samantha Shade

(Stage and Screen Director)