Phoenix From the Ashes Workshop

The Phoenix from the Ashes Workshop is the ultimate package combining all of Dorothy's techniques and tools into one workshop. This is a four hour VIP special with Dorothy. She will take you through a journey with three types of yoga styles, Chakra cleansing and Sound Bath. Through each exercise it will generate a new and improved you. As the Phoenix, you will obtain new life by arising from the ashes and become stronger, smarter, and more powerful. Shavasana, sensory stimulation and external distraction will help reduce  stress, relieve headache, grief, anixety, heart-ache, lower blood pressure, and calm the mind which is stress management, the brain waves and the breath slow down and the blood pressure drops. This workshop is a tune up that wil completely set your mind, body, soul and spirit straight on your paradigm. 

  • The Importance of Water

    The body uses water in all its organs, tissues, cells and muscles to help process its temperature and balance other bodily functions. Your body loses water through breathing, sweating and digestion, it's vitally important to rehydrate by drinking fluids and eating foods that contains water during the Songbird Effect workshop.