Vocal Coach

Vocal Coach

Leonard Reed was known  in many cirlces throught the music industry. He was around 86 years young when he walked into my life, coached me for years, and then told me to teach others speak level singing. Here's what some of my students have to say about my coaching:



In less than 30 minutes of vocal training with Dorothy both my confidence and performance improved!! I had the particularly tall order of having to sing the Luther Vandross version of "If I Had a Hammer". Dorothy heard me sing only a couple lines before noticing how I was straining to hit and sustain the higher notes. She worked with me to utilize my mixed voice and falsetto range and explained to me that Luther himself did the same thing in almost a "talk singing" kind of way. She ran me through a couple of exercises including one where I didn't even sing I was only talking through the words. When I applied the concept while actually singing it was a whole different experience for me to sing the song.

It sounded much sweeter and didn't hurt to sing it. For a good 5 minutes after our session I couldn't stop giggling over how good I sounded to myself each time I started to sing. Dorothy's training was amazing!! 




My daughter had done a tiny bit of acting before, and quite a bit of dancing. But she had never performed a song in front of people when just about a year ago she announced, "Dad, I would like to audition for a musical". That's a tall order for an 8-year old with no experience, especially when the show's auditions were a week away. So we called Dorothy for help.

  • sure others will rave about Dorothy's technical ability and her command of her art. So let me instead concentrate on the fact that she filled a rookie with the confidence to walk up, hand sheet music to a pianist, and belt out a Broadway standard. In a week my daughter went from a crying, petrified child, afraid of what she'd gotten herself into to someone right at home at an audition.
  • song was "Counting My Blessings" from White Christmas. We count Dorothy as one of our blessings. A great teacher doesn't make a better student; they make a better person.

Farrell Hirsch
Sirius XM


Dorothy helped my daughter prepare for an audition for middle school.  Not only did she help her with her vocals, she also worked with her on her monologue and gave her basic audition advice. With Dorothy's help my daughter went into her audition fully prepared and relaxed and nailed it!

Gabriella Alaimo Thomas
Sony Pictures Television


I have been a classroom teacher for over thirty years. Within those years, there are some subjects that I teach extremely well and some that I always try to improve upon. Teaching music is one area in which I strive to improve on. For the last couple of years, I have had the great opportunity to receive assistance from Dorothy Pincus, a professional singer.  Dorothy was so helpful with showing me how to help my students sing in tune, harmonize together and express the emotion of the lyrics within the songs. She even got me to sing aloud and audible with my students. When students hear her sing and emote the feelings within the lyrics, they "get" what she is saying. Dorothy Pincus has a presence and style all on her own that students relate to and can drop their self-consciousness of not sounding cool and simply sing with joy.

It has been a great pleasure working with Dorothy Pincus.

Gail Bassett