Flow Yoga 1 and 2 level

Flow Yoga 1 and 2 level

Vinyasa Flow is a wildly popular school of yoga that synchronizes movement with breath. With classes ranging from Power Flow to Slow Flow, there are styles of this school that match different levels of yogis and their individual wants and needs. Due to the pandemic we are offering a monthly packaged deal. Sign up , stay in touch on the mailing list and get great offerings during this pandemic.

  • Pace yourself,! Child pose is always an option.

    Make sure you let us know if this is your first time. Yoga is an individual personal journey. No judgement, we go with the flow. 

  • Blurb from clients


    I practiced Yoga with Dorothy 2-3x/week for three months during quarantine and it was my saving grace.  Her class is full of feel good stretches, core work, balance poses and sound.  I even learned how to do the crane!  My body is stronger and bala